Simple and beauty design

[Simple Beauty], our design concept, we are continually striving to create simple and beauty products for our customers.
Our responsibility is that, create higher value-added and innovative style products to meet with more diverse demand of increasing in architectures designing and practical application.

  • Hall lantern
  • Hall button
  • Indicator
  • Push button
  • Special button
  • Acrylic related products
  • Led related products
  • Elevator parts export to Japan

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Designated parts for elevator

Hall lantern

  • Withcover

    The practical design with stainless steel cover is suitable for any elevator decoration.

  • Coverless

    The simple design with prominent massive acrylic, the spaciousness is good.
    Also, it can be able to take down from the front for maintenance.

  • Lens on frame

    Embedded in elevator decoration frame, and melts as uniform, apply to senior office buildings.

  • Boxless

    Even if there is not preformed hole, it can be simply fixed up on the wall while the elevator is without designing hall lantern in advanced.

  • For upside

    With design and buildings' decoration integrating into one.
    Use large acrylic, overall feeling is strong, can be clearly identified.
    Also, it can be able to take down from the front for maintenance.

Hall button



Special button


Parts export to Japan